Artist Statement

My practice is influenced by architectures, structures within societies, science fiction the process and materials used in construction. I produce installations, sculptures and photographic work that comments on utopian ideals, capitalist issues, our need for faith and the world in flux, which we build and deconstruct based on our present needs.

Looking at materials, process and structure I build sculptures and installations that evoke the viewer to consider narrative, space and perception of the situation. I invite them to consider what they see as well as projecting their imagination onto the possibilities of what lies beyond. I want the viewer to consider their spacial awareness and how their brain reads what their eyes see.

I aim to evoke a sense of play, adventure, intrigue and excitement through the use of scale combined with interactive elements. The exhibiting of my work is enhanced by my consideration of the environment in which the piece exists allowing space and sculpture to blend and form a symbiotic relationship.